We are Sondra and Jeremy.  We just got married, and are celebrating by traveling around the world for a year.  We're digital nomads, living all over the world and taking our work with us.

 Wedding photos by  Bethany Carlson Photography

Wedding photos by Bethany Carlson Photography

We started this blog to share our adventure.  For the next year (or longer, who knows?!) we will travel the world while working full time.  It sounds crazy, but we're making it work and we'll show you how.

We'll entertain you with crazy travel stories and amazing photos.  We'll meet new people, explore new places, and learn how to do many new things not very well.



If we were animals: Jeremy would be a koala, for obvious reasons. Sondra would be a penguin because they walk the walk- watch March of the Penguins if it's unclear.

Jeremy was a professional firefighter in California for 10 years and recently quit to become a writer and entrepreneur.  He lives to surf, take photos, write, make a fool out of himself in other languages, and learn stuff.

Sondra is a Product Manager at a Silicon Valley company, but is working remotely and connecting with her colleagues everyday over Skype and Google Hangouts.  She is an aspiring yogi and a recovering vegetarian. She went to MIT and can build you a website for fun- but she is not a nerd, she wears contacts.


Check out our blog and photos to see where we've been and what we're up to.  We want to inspire more people to take the plunge and become digital nomads too!