A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad - Waikiki / by Sondra & Jeremy

Every day was different, but our best days looked something like this…

5 a.m. - Sondra is up and frantically preparing for meetings

Sondra: I’m already late for my 8 a.m. meeting, California time. I roll out of bed before the sun is up and stumble over to the desk to start my workday.  It’s worth it –my commute went from 50 miles each way to 10 steps.

Jeremy: This is around the time that Sondra hands me earplugs.

6:30 a.m. - Jeremy awakes from his slumber

Jeremy: I sleep through Sondra’s California meetings and start my day off with a surf in the back yard. If only I had the self-discipline to do this every morning.

9 a.m. - Lunchtime

Sondra: …for my colleagues in California. While most of the office is offline to chow down on their lunch, I take a break—either a 2-mile run down to Waikiki beach or a quick nap.

Jeremy: I’m three cups deep in yerba maté and writing up a storm. I try to take a break every hour to clear my head, but it’s hard to stop when you’re in “flow.” Maté is one of the strongest natural stimulants known to man. 

Noon - Hawaii lunchtime

Jeremy: It’s poke time. I ride the moped as if I’m on a Harley to pick up my daily ritual of delicious Hawaiian poke. If you don’t know what poke is, you are missing out.

Sondra: I’m not a fan of raw fish.

Jeremy: Whatever.

1 p.m. - Head to a coffee shop

Jeremy: This beach house is one of the best places in the world that anyone could work. But there is something uplifting about getting out of the house and working around live people.

Sondra: I love working from the coffee shops in Waikiki. Everyone around us is on vacation and their happy energy is infectious, it makes the last few hours of our workday more enjoyable. :)

Jeremy: The internet at coffee shops is like a Honda Civic with a rocket attached, its just not stable. When 50 people try to hop on top of the Civic, the rocket falls off, and we are left with turtle like speeds.  When we want to get real work done, we head straight to a co-working space where there is high speed internet and no interruptions.

4 p.m. - It’s playtime!!

Sondra: What should we do today? Swim? Surf? Kayak? Snorkel with giant sea turtles? Sneak into one of the hotel pools? Sail on a catamaran? Ride ATVs through the jungle?

Jeremy: Yes, everything, I concur.

7 p.m. - Dinner with the family

Jeremy: The new family, that is. Our new housemates are the type of people you meet the first time and there is a “click” as if you have been friends for years.

Sondra: Aww, so true. We always have a great time catching up with them in the kitchen as we all prepared dinner.

9 p.m. - Bars and clubs

Lions guard the house to keep us safe at night.

Lions guard the house to keep us safe at night.

Sondra: NOT.

Jeremy: We are 29-year-olds going on 50. Until friends come to visit Hawaii and we stay out like we are 21 again. Working remote takes a lot of discipline and drinking every night does not lead to self-motivation at 5 a.m.

Sondra: You’re asleep at 5 a.m…

Jeremy: They get the point.