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 What a view! From our bedroom in Waikiki, Hawaii

What a view! From our bedroom in Waikiki, Hawaii

Wondering how we live as we hop from one place to the next? We'll show you every crib we've stayed at, from the 5-star resorts to the downright unbearable. Find it all here!



Panorama Hotel - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Cribs video at the Panorama Hotel, in the happening town of Ubud. You won't find a nicer hotel during high season for only $35 per night.

Anantara Resort - Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Cribs video of the Anantara Hotel over-looking the famous "impossibles" surf beach. You'll see why this is one of the best hotels in the world on a budget.

Week One in Bali

Our first Cribs video in Bali! This is why you can't trust Airbnb in Bali, the people were too nice to give a bad rating. The room was completely different than the beautiful pictures on Airbnb. You'll see how.


Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Our new Hawaii home where we live as Digital Nomads.